Home Appliance

Since 1958, our company has been operating in the wood industry, importing logs from different parts of the world for many years, and meeting the raw material needs of the wood industry in Turkey. In the 1990s, our facility was established in the Bolu Organized Industrial Zone, and production of chipboard top panels for the home appliance sector began. Initially initiated for domestic industries in Turkey, the production of top panels later expanded to European countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany, as well as alternative export markets such as China, India, and North Africa. Our factory in Bolu has evolved into an integrated facility with production lines for sizing, pressing, edge banding, and more.

Balorman INT has been serving as a global partner to numerous home appliance companies for over 30 years. The main production of home appliance in Turkey is carried out in our Bolu and newly invested Akhisar facilities, while productions for European countries are continued in our Romania facility.

As of today, we produce over 25 million chipboard top panels. Balorman INT is the largest producer in Europe for chipboard top panel production in the home appliance sector.